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About Us!

Welcome to Leumas & the Peach Witch!

It was in 2012 that we began this little business, my son (Leumas is his name spelled backwards) and I. He was only 7. We would see cool things on our trips to different cities and countries and dream about having our own shop of “curiosities”. He became enamored with exotic insects and bats encased in shadow boxes and thought everyone should be able to have one. We began experimenting with wax and he made a collection of scented candles. Turns out they were really good, so he made more and more. We imported jewelry and pottery. We did a few pop up shops, had lots of fun and sold our wares. Then we got busy with school, work and hockey. A lot has changed since just 5 years. Now, it’s time to get back to doing the things we love because as my late sister Kim said, “if not now, when?”. Enjoy our cabinet of curiosities & whimsical gifts, perhaps you will stumble upon something that catches your eye.

~ The Peach Witch

Leumas & The Peach Witch - 2018